Merry Christmas!… almost.

Today is Christmas Eve here in Australia which means tomorrow is Christmas!  Yay.

I really wanted to share with you guys some of my favourite Christmassy pictures from Pinterest so I hope this will get you all, more excited for Christmas…

My family and I are going to spend time with some of our family today as we’re starting off Christmas early this year.  We are going to be having a Christmas Bbq for the first time in years so I’m really looking forward to that!

I’d love to know what you guys are looking forward to this Christmas or what one of your favourite traditions are?  I hope you all enjoy your Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Many Blessings, Grace.

27 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!… almost.

  1. My dad was born in Australia – Melbourne, to be exact. My sister and I plus my grandson and one great-grand were all born in July , so to get in the swing of things, we’d have a grand Christmas party close to the 25th. Everybody would bring some sort of Christmas goodie and we’d sing carols. The neighbors must have thought we were all nuts, but that didn’t slow us down one bit!

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  2. Don’t really have Christmas traditions but my favourite part of Christmas is the giving of gifts. The joy and excitement on people’s faces when they see what u carefully thought they as a person would need and love.

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