January Favourites | 2018

January Favourites | 2018

Well, I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and I still haven’t done a monthly favourites post!  How?  I love reading other peoples monthly favourites so I’m gonna try my best to share with you mine each month this year.  I hope you’ll enjoy…


I’ve been really liking this precisely my brow pencil by Benefit from Sephora.  I’m not someone who’s into the glam makeup look but rather the natural look so this pencil has been perfect for me.  Also you don’t need a sharpener which is a huge bonus.  You just wind the pencil up like a regular tube of lipstick and you’re all good to go!

Brow Product


I honestly feel like this song describes my life.  It used to be one of my most played songs on my iPod but then I kind of stopped listening to it for probably a year until this month.


I made three batches of these cowboy cookies this month as they’re so good!  No I didn’t eat them all.  Well maybe I almost did.  😉  All my friends and family like them too and some of them actually suggested that I re-post this recipe because I posted this when I didn’t really have a following so not many people have seen it, lol.



My parents gave me Emoji UNO for Christmas and I’ve loved playing it with my siblings.  It has some slightly different rules to the original version of UNO but is still very enjoyable and has made us laugh almost every time we’ve played it.

Emoji Uno

I’d love to know what your favourites were for this month?

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39 responses to “January Favourites | 2018”

    • Thank you. 😊 That sunflower picture is actually from an awesome website called ‘Pexel’. (I talked a little bit about it in one of my previous post’ this week.) That cookie picture is mine though. 😉 Thank you very much for reading too. Many Blessings, Grace.


  1. I’ve found a rose toner I’ve really enjoyed, and a primer stick I really like. It has coconut water in it so it’s cooling, the brand is Hard Candy.

    I’ve also been eating a variety of healthier foods and found I enjoy cooked cabbage and brussel sprouts.

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  2. I was not aware of the monthly favorite articles (quite new to blogging) but have to say that I love this! Will definitely give it a go. I have been intrigued by the brow enhancing products for a while so thanks for the recommendation!

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  3. You lead 😍😍😍 I also used to have it on repeat but haven’t heard it in a while, but it’s definitely right up there with the best of them

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  4. I’ve heard such great things about that brow pencil ! Also, I have been wanting to bake cookies all week! Great post:)

    Ashiana | Ashianashome.wordpress.com

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