How To Gain Loyal Followers

How To Gain Loyal Followers

Hey Guys!  So recently I was asked by this blogger for three pieces of advice on gaining a loyal following.  I didn’t know how to answer this question in a short, sweet and simple way.  So I decided to write an entire post on this.  I hope you find these tips helpful!…

1. Follow Tags

As you can see in the image below in the red box you can add tags and follow them.  Normally I only follow the beauty tag which means when someone publishes a post and tags it in the beauty category I can see it in order of most recently to least recently published post.  This is an awesome way for you to find bloggers in your ‘niche’ who you can engage with.

Screenshot (12)_LI

2. Be consistent

If you’re blogging only once a month it is unlikely that you will gain a steady and consistent following.  There definitely are some bloggers who are not consistent and still gain a loyal following.  Normally this only happens when they have already grown to be a pretty well known blogger.


3. Promote Yourself

You can promote your blog on many different social media platforms.  Personally I like to use Pinterest and Instagram.  On both these sites I put the link to my blog in my bio which helps my blog gain more traffic and therefore more followers.

Screenshot (12).png

All of these tips will bring more people to your blog.  The more people you have viewing your posts, the more likes, comments, followers, etc.  Ultimately each blogger will grow at a different rate though and it will take time so just be patient.

What’s your favourite social media platform, that you use to promote your blog?

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102 responses to “How To Gain Loyal Followers”

  1. Awesome! The tips are simple and can easily be applied to anyone. As a new blogger, I find it difficult to stay consistent at times because there is so much to do after a blog post is posted. Flowing through with putting your post out there with promoting get be a bit much. This post is a reflection of my shortcomings. I love this!

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  2. I like your tips. For me, I like to be consistent (though not last week due to being sick) and oftentimes during the week, I like to research the topic on which I will be blogging about so I can have an understanding of the topic, and then incorporate blog posts from other bloggers (with permission) to give a better and rounded view of the topic.

    Do you do this? Or, do you have your own opinions?

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    • Same, I like to be consistent although I do take breaks at times. Sometimes I do research, what I am talking about to make sure I am sharing facts but a lot of what I write is based on personal experience, my opinions or just my life I guess. Thank you very much for reading! I hope you have a blessed day, Grace.

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  3. These are great tips. About the being consistent part though, sure having a more frequent schedule would be great. But is it that bad if it’s something like once or twice a month?

    I like to do research on each self improvement topics by adding my personal experiences as well as ideas from other people before I post, and that usually takes up some time. I used to have a once a week schedule but then I realized I won’t be able to keep it up for long unless I was doing it full-time. Or worse, I might burn myself out. Which is when I limited myself to twice a month schedule.

    You know any ideas on keeping interest during the month without having to blog frequently?

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    • Thank you! I don’t think it’s bad if you post once or twice a month but I personally try and aim to post at least once a week in order to try and have maximum engagement with my readers. So I would recommend for other bloggers to post at least once a week too. (Although I don’t always do this myself.) Also I don’t really have any ideas on keeping interest. If you’re passionate then that will drive your interest. Also I have a few more blogging ‘advice’ posts you can check out here and maybe they will be able to answer a couple more of your questions?? Thank you very much for reading! Have an awesome day. 😉

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  4. Why are all of your posts so helpful 😩❤❤❤ .. I stalked your profile and trust me I am so eager for your next post alreadyyyy… It would mean the world to me if you would just look at my blog thankyou for reading my comment ❤

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  5. Every day keep all these up! I try to spend a lot more time on other people’s blogs – and try to space out when I post so people can anticipate posts. I tend to unfollow bloggers that post wayy too much because it clogs up my feed

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  6. Thank you so much. After I read this post, I’ve added tags of blogs I would like to read. And I have added a board just for my blog on Pinterest in which I have linked my blog post and used images from Pexel to attract viewers.

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