No More Highlight Reels!

We all know and love the sayings, ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ or ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ but how often do we get so entangled with exactly the opposite of just that, getting stuck in a downward spiral of un-contentment and comparison.  Thinking, saying, commenting and believing… “I’m so jealous of you.”  “I wish I looked like you.”  “I wish I had your life.”  “Why are you so lucky when I’m not?”  blah blah blah.  Sound familiar?  I’m sure most of you reading this have said or thought something similar to this before and I for one, know I have!

So as my little blog started to grow, quicker than I had anticipated in the short span of a year,  it’s something that I started getting more and more people say to me and to be honest it started to annoy me.

Why?… because well my life was and is still not perfect.  In many ways I felt like it was a pure and utter mess!  I was struggling with my self worth, my physical health, lost friendships, broken relationships, the mess that came from “religion” rather than an actual relationship with God and a messy job situation which resulted in me quitting my first ever job last year.


As 2018 progressed I realised how much harder it was for me to actually let go in order to forgive others and myself as well as how much I wasn’t actively trying to do so.  This only resulted in each one of my problems weighing heavier on me as they started to consume me more and more.

Finally as February rolled around I came to the conclusion that my mentality was absolutely ridiculous!  Know that no one else was holding me back, I was the one who was doing so, by allowing negativity to consume me and holding onto the past.  This was when I decided to write my first ever vulnerable post ‘Breaking Up With Fear’.

As people started to respond to that post I was kind of shocked that people seemed to think that I was being transparent rather than vulnerable, as though it was something I had already overcome.

The whole time I’ve been blogging, I’ve shared the highlights past, present or future and the few times I’ve shared the lows it’s been once I’ve actually come through the other end of the tunnel.


Writing Breaking Up With Fear was actually my first ever vulnerable post that I had written which wasn’t a highlight.  Yet many people seemed to think that I was being transparent rather than vulnerable… and what I mean by that is I got asked so many times how I overcame all my fears. 😳

I had absolutely no idea!  I wrote that post saying it was something I wanted to do, not something I had done.  But the good thing is, it made me realise how much this social media world lacked people who were truely honest and vulnerable and how much more I needed to fill this void.

So this is me being vulnerable once again, deciding right here and right now that I’m gonna be real, I’m gonna share what’s on my heart and the only thing that will be holding me back from writing is the amount of time I have to do so lol.  Thank ya’ll for reading and I’ll be back shortly.  Xx

“I stand out ’cause I wear my garbage.  I work my hardest and every time I look into the mirror I don’t forget about where I started.” -NF

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20 thoughts on “No More Highlight Reels!

  1. A friend said to me recently: the grass is greener where it’s watered. I loved that and it’s so true. I saw also on a YouTube video today someone said happiness comes from within first. It’s not about what you have what you are or what you’re trying to be, it’s something you find when you lay life down. Outing aside others demands and expectations and living for yourself, this is not selfish cause in your truest form you love the truest.

    That’s what I’ve learnt this year. Loved your post Grace. 😘 I’m excited to see what’s coming from you.

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  2. Hi Grace,

    Thank you for sharing this posting with me……unfortunately today’s society & social media can cause issues if we allow that to happen? I guess Gracie that as a “mature” age person, I did NOT have to deal with any of that & thankfully, as a teenager back then, we just got on with whatever we were doing & that meant either school or working (later on) playing many sports, going to Sunday school or church & always doing things with our family & friends.

    But, your youth time is so different to my time on this earth……..

    You are & will continue to grow & understand, not only yourself, but other people, so treat each day & yourself with love & respect…. God knows you sweetheart & He, I would think, wants you to “let go” & not be so hard on yourself!!!!

    Don’t be afraid of being a bit silly!!! – tis good therapy for all of us….TRULY!!!!

    Just LOVE you for all that you are …………. By the Grace of God we are priveleged to be given so much, so look for positives, even in the negatives that are presented to you.

    Love you heaps………….Nana x x

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  3. Thanks for sharing sister! In Christ, we are redeemed, sanctified, being sanctified, adopted into the family, seated in heavenly places at the right hand of the Father. The great love that led Jesus to the cross is God lost his relationship with mankind and the only way to bring us back to our loving father was through His blood sacrifice. Dan Mohler is helping me understand we’ve had our motives wrong. It’s all about love (1 Corinthians 13) and each of us can partake in the Father’s love and let it flow out to others through every relationship we have. I’ve had a lot of repenting and forgiving to do in the past couple years! SO, walk in love and in the Spirit and don’t fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Be who the Lord made you to be and trust His supply and not your own. If we don’t stand and walk the path He’s plotted for us, His will won’t be done for our lives. Keep sticking close to our precious Savior and sharing what Holy Spirit prompts you to share!

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      1. It is my pleasure! I am grateful for your loyalty as well. You are one of the people that has been following me from the beginning if I remember correctly! It means a lot ❤ I am not the best at staying up with the blogging world but I try my best 🙂

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  4. I can relate to this so much. People think that if someone’s talking about something online, then they’ve already come out the other side, which is so not true all of the time. It’s been hard for me these past few years when I tried keeping my blog content upbeat for my own happiness even when things weren’t great in my everyday life. I kept feeling like I was lying to my audience by only talking about the highlights, even though I was doing it to be an encouragement to myself.

    So many mixed signals are sent online, and yeah, I get what you mean about vulnerability vs. transparency! I’ve shared many posts in the past about what I had overcome, as well as things I was overCOMING, but people could barely tell the difference. It’s challenging, for sure.

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      1. That’s very true. If more people would open up about what they’re feeling and experiencing, we’d all be able to support each other so much more! You’re welcome ❤

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  5. Great post. I appreciate your brutal honesty. A lot of articles online tend to be how to overcome something versus how I’m still overcoming something or working through it. I have struggled with comparison for a long time as well. It’s a mind fuck. But as you said, focusing internally on how to deprogram the self-doubt and self-hatred consistently helps. It doesn’t mean it’s all gone but you’re navigating it better. And there are some things we know we should deal with it but don’t necessarily want to forgive because of the pain. That’s just real.

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