Dear Ex-friends.

Dear Ex-friends.

Dear Ex-friends,

I want you to know that I love you.  I always have and I always will.  I know that in many ways we no longer see eye to eye and life has caused us to differentiate in paths but I want to say thank you for the role you played in my story.

Thank you for the joyful memories and the moments of laughter.  Thank you for all the words you said to me which made my skin thicker.  Thank you for all the times you encouraged me and thank you for making me realise the importance of being a woman of my word.

Thank you for helping me realise how much my younger siblings look up to me as well as the importance of family through every time I saw you hurt your own or take yours for granted.

Thank you for quitting!  Whether it was a job, a relationship or simply just anything, it’s made me realise that I don’t ever want to be a quitter simply because of a small moment of inconvenience, as I have found something so rewarding about seeing your trials through to the end.

Thank you for showing me the power and freedom that is found in forgiveness.  Forgiveness to forgive myself, to forgive others and to forgive you, whether an apology was given or not.

Also I must say sorry, sorry for all the times I joined in with you as we stood in judgement of others when we had no right to do so.  I’m sorry for compromising my morals and trying to change who I was, as a person in order to simply just fit in because I wanted you to like and accept me.

I’m sorry for not always being the light, the bigger person or the one leading by example because of the stupid excuse I made up in my mind, (why should I have to be the good example when I’m younger).

And lastly, thank you, once again.  You’ve helped me realise the importance of love… specifically loving unconditionally, even when it can be so very hard to do so and I simply just don’t want to.  So with all that being said, I love you. Xx

“Life’s tough my darling but so are you.” – Stephanie Bennett-Henery

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14 responses to “Dear Ex-friends.”

  1. Well Grace, what more than a beautiful & understanding of yourself & others for you to perceive & are able to verbalise. I take my hat off to you & love you even more if that is possible, (which it isn’t) & I’m NOT biased, really, when it comes to being so very honest with yourself & so-called friends etc.

    That’s called “GROWING UP” & coming to a understanding that so-called friends are not always who they appear to be & even at my age, I’m still finding that out, so don’t feel alone sweetheart.

    Growth, understanding human nature……….we are all so very different & it’s the acceptance or non acceptance of what we understand & learn about each other, that we then come to understand how we would prefer to become. A tall order & Grace, we keep on learning our lessons.

    By Faith & love of ourselves & others & understanding what is worth our time & effort, we then can move forward in a positive way. It’s not over then because as we mature, age & grow, there’s always more to learn!!!!

    Gosh Gracie, it never seems to end & thank our Lord & Creator, I’ll still leave this earth with more ???????

    Love you soooooooooo much & hope you have a good old laugh as you journey along this wonderful path. Tis good tonic for the sole, truly. ie, a good laugh & even at ourselves!!!!

    Love & hugs…….Nana x x x x x x x

    P.S. I really, really do LOVE YOU.

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  2. Thanks for the perspective. I know this post was not easy to write. As we grow and change, grow deeper into the things of God, we all need to sever some ties, let friends that are no longer good for us go, be severed from some by no fault of our own. The love of God in Christ means all are forgiven, but not all are saved because not all accept the light, being more fond of the darkness. Continue to walk in Truth as it’s revealed to you Sister and thanks so much for sharing your life and insights with us all!

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  3. Great post, especially the part about joining in with judgements just to fit in.
    This is a heartfelt letter. Much of which we all experience.
    But I would suggest stay away “I’m sorry” or “I am sorry”. No one is sorry. But we can apologize. Just something my dad taught me.

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