Goodbye Great Grandma…

Goodbye Great Grandma…

As I walked into an empty room, I saw my great grandma at the other end, lying down as cold as ice. Whilst I was trying to process what I was seeing, I remember my younger cousins & siblings continually asking ; “when’s she gonna wake up?”, “why’s she just lying there?”, etc.

In that moment as I stood there face to face with a person who was no longer breathing, I realised in that moment how fleeting life truly is. 

Fast forward to know it’s been a few years since but a lot of things have happened in past few months, which have brought this memory to my forefront again. So please if you love someone, tell them. If you miss someone, make time for them. If you care about someone, show them.

You honestly never know when you’re last gonna see someone, hug someone or talk to them. Anything can happen, at anytime. The only one who truly knows when our ‘time is truly up’ is the Father himself.

Remember to just be sometimes and enjoy life, for it is truly fleeting. 💗

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