Summer Favourites | 2021

Summer Favourites | 2021

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these posts but with summer is in full swing, I thought I’d compile another list of my favourites for the season…


I’ve mentioned this product several times before, but that’s because it’s my all time favourite mascara!  During the summertime too, this is generally the only makeup product I enjoy wearing, as it kind of feels gross in my opinion, wearing a full face of makeup, when the weather is so hot.


If you know anything about Australia or live in Australia yourself, then you would know just how hot the summers are over here…  So obviously SPF is an every day essential.

Since my skin is very sensitive, I only use the one that I’m linking here, which was recommended to me, by my skin therapist.   Unfortunately, though I can’t find the link for the non-tinted version which is actually the one that I use.



I think this book is a fun summer read, for teen girls or young women.  In this book ‘A Girls Guide To Kicking Goals’ by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, they talk about body confidence, healthy living, making social media a positive space and time management for living a well balanced and healthy lifestyle.


This book is another great read!  It’s a reminder to live in the now and enjoy it, whilst becoming a better you as you wait for the one.  I think the way Marshall Segal wrote this book ‘Not Yet Married’ offers a sense of hope, purpose and happiness to other that are living the single life



Obviously shorts are a summer staple for all of us!  My favourite pairs are always from cotton on as they fit my short and curvy body, nicely.


Scrunchies!  I love them… they’re both fashionable and useful.  I usually find my favourites from Ally or Lovisa.



Cob’s popcorn has been one of my favourite snacks this season.  They have lots of yummy flavours like; salted caramel, salt & vinegar or the sea salt one pictured below, etc



I could share fifty songs that I’ve been loving, as I’m always obsessed with music but I’ll limit it to just a couple for now…


Hope y’all enjoyed reading this and maybe even found something new!?…  Let me know in the comments below what your summer favourites are?  Food, fashion, music, l wanna know!

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