March Favourites | 2018

Hey Guys!  I know it's a bit late to share my March favourite with y'all but I still wanted to anyways.  😉  As usual if we share any of the same favourites I'd love to know!... Beauty I know that I've mentioned this CoverGirl mascara in a few of my post before but that's only … Continue reading March Favourites | 2018

March Goals & Accomplishements

Hi Guys!  Since the month of March has already come to an end I thought it was time to round up all my March Goals & Accomplishments and share them with you.  Also I do know that I skipped writing this post for February because honestly I don't really know what happened in that month … Continue reading March Goals & Accomplishements

Why I Started Blogging

Hi Guys!  Lately I have been getting several comments asking me why I started blogging either in the comments, on my Instagram or in my Q&A's, etc.  Since this is the case I wanted to write a public post in hopes that it may explain my answer in more depth and also to others who … Continue reading Why I Started Blogging

5 Awesome Blogging Tips

A month ago I wrote a post on 5 Ways To Grow Your Blog and many people have really liked that post.  In fact it became my most popular post in a week and in two weeks it reached the first page of google when you search '5 Ways To Grow Your Blog'!  So I … Continue reading 5 Awesome Blogging Tips

How To Gain Loyal Followers

Hey Guys!  So recently I was asked by this blogger for three pieces of advice on gaining a loyal following.  I didn't know how to answer this question in a short, sweet and simple way.  So I decided to write an entire post on this.  I hope you find these tips helpful!... 1. Follow Tags … Continue reading How To Gain Loyal Followers

How To Get Awesome Free Photos

For me a part of creating great content is having great photos.  So today I'm gonna be sharing with you three of my favourite websites for awesome free photos.  I use each of these sites and will be sharing them with you in order of most to least used. All three of these websites allow … Continue reading How To Get Awesome Free Photos

Why I Enjoyed Being Homeschooled

Hi Guys!  If you've been following me for a while then you'll know I was home-schooled but I haven't really talked about it too much.  There were certainly some things that I really liked about it and other things that I didn't.   So today I thought I would round up five of my favourite things … Continue reading Why I Enjoyed Being Homeschooled

How To Create A Blog Name

A couple weeks ago I shared with you 5 ways to grow your blog and many of you liked it.  At the end of that post I asked you if you'd like me to share with you more blogging tips or advice and many of you said yes.  So I though I'd share with you … Continue reading How To Create A Blog Name

5 Ways To Grow Your Blog

Hi Guys!  I often get asked for tips on how I grew my audience and how you can grow your blogging audience either by email or via the comments.  I have responded to every comment and or email I was given personally but I didn't write a post on it as I thought I didn't … Continue reading 5 Ways To Grow Your Blog

Blogging Recap from 2017

Happy New Year! Well it's now the start of a new year so I thought I would reflect on the journey of my blog from last year and share it with you guys. Firstly I want to thank Maggie, Gwen, Dreamers' Outlet, Melissa, Shay, Angela, Gracie, Purple Palace, Oxria, Dani, Hunida and anyone else who participated in The Ultimate … Continue reading Blogging Recap from 2017